• What are the most recent developments in Hong Kong laws and how do they affect your business?
  • How has the Companies Ordinance changed the obligations and responsibilities your business has in Hong Kong?
  • How can you keep your staff focused and aware of Hong Kong’s legal requirements?

SIHOMBING LAW MENTORS provides in depth training for company secretaries; management; accountants; in-house lawyers and other professionals in various areas of law and corporate governance. Bespoke training programmes are available:

  • to keep your firm up to date with new developments in legislation;
  • to introduce new trends, from overseas, necessary to maintain global obligations for Hong Kong law; and
  • to show the current progress of “Hong Kong’s common law” through the application of principles suitable to Hong Kong’s community and needs.

Areas of interest for training include:

  • what research is necessary to ensure your firm is in line with law and practice:
  • the content of the substantive knowledge your firm requires;
  • the observance of  matters such as ‘corporate social responsibility’;
  • how to set up and maintain your firm’s know-how;
  • what practice manuals your firm should have, and how to set them up and maintain them; and
  • drafting in Plain English.
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